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P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants

Social Skills Training  

Social skills training is provided to students of all disabilities, both in school and in home settings, depending on student's individual I.E.P. goals and needs. The training can be in group or individual format.


Methodologies include role plays, games, professionally produced psychological/social games, peer modeling, videos, books, video modeling, flash cards and community outings. Domains of skills vary depending on student I.E.P. goals and specific needs, including:


  • Theory of Mind strategies
  • Learning age and developmentally appropriate 
  • social rules : the unwritten social rules of the 
  • playground (when and how to approach an individual 
  • or group)
  • Conversation Skills: staying on topic/accepting topics 
  • of others; initiating, reciprocating and extending 
  • topics/conversation
  • Non-Verbal Communication:Referencing,interpreting and using 
  • contextually appropriate body language/facial cues
  • Terminating conversations and social activities appropriately

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