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P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants

Interactive Play and Social Skills Groups


  • Social skills:  Development of and increase of non-verbal and verbal social communication skills
  • Play Skills:  Development of and increase in the symbolic and social dimensions of play (Wolfberg)
  • Behavior:  Development of and increase in strategies for decreasing the use of and need for idiosyncratic behavior
  • Theory of Mind:  Development of basic pragmatic skills and understanding of age-appropriate emotions




  • Guided Play: Assisting peers in playing with and prompting play and social skills within small groups
  • Visual Supports: Iconic-based cues within the environment to support and facilitate development and age appropriate play and social skills
  • Social Stories: To introduce new ideas, concepts, play skill sequences or to facilitate the processing of complex social concepts
  • Comic Strip Conversations and Video Modeling: For recitation and role play of new social skill concepts



  • Each group is facilitated by a behavior consultant trained in current research-driven methodologies conducive to facilitating play and social skills
  • Each group consists of age and developmentally appropriate peers from the community and/or family to model and facilitate target social and play skills



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