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P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants
P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants

Behavior Consultation

Consultation can be provided to school districts for specific teachers, psychologists, speech-language therapists, and supervisors in how to effectively teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other behaviorally-challenging disabilities and disorders. Classroom consultation and consultation to District and/or school personnel is implemented from a team based approach and using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.


  • Development of Hughes Bill Functional Analysis Assessment
  • Development of Positive Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Classroom-based behavior strategies for Full Inclusion classrooms as well as Special Day classrooms
  • Curriculum development for all learning domains
  • Transition planning
  • Full Inclusion and/or mainstreaming strategies
  • Environmental Assessment and planning
  • Social Skills programs and natural environment facilitation strategies



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