P.L.A.Y- Psychology Learning & You
P.L.A.Y- Psychology Learning & You
P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants
P.L.A.Y. - Behavior and Education Consultants

Intensive Behavioral Treatment Programs

International Services

Interactive Play and Social Groups

Mission Statement

To provide state-of-the-art education and treatment for children with varying disabilities, and to provide the opportunity for these children to reach their potential. 


We are committed to providing the highest quality pre-academic, academic, pre-vocational, social, behavioral and self-care skills in order for these children to be integrated into community life, public classrooms, recreational activities and competitive employment. 

P.L.A.Y. has been a state-certified, non-public agency serving five counties in the Bay Area since 1997.  P.L.A.Y. provides domestic and international behavior 

consultative services.

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P.L.A.Y. Behavior and Education Consultants
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